By the emerging and evolving of information systems, there is an increasing number of security issues and problems that traditional defense methods and tools - such as antivirus and firewall solutions - are no longer sufficient on their own. Today, the protection against targeted, sophisticated cyber attacks and possible internal abuses requires complex security system and processes.

SOC or CSOC ((Cyber) Security Operations Center) is the only available solution for the problem. SOC is a dedicated IT security unit within the organization, whose only task is to prevent and eliminate cyber-security incidents and keep IT security subsystems and related general knowledge up-to-date.

The goal of SOC is the holistic understanding of corporate infrastructure, the most common and most effective tool for this purpose is an appropriate SIEM (Security and Information Event Management) system. 




Black Cell SOC is a managed Cyber Security Operations Center which is suitable for all kind of organizations - from SMEs and large corporates to governmental and critical infrastructure organizations - regarldess of the size the company. SOC helps keeping your business information secure, as our solution provides a complex service package that covers all the necessary IT security tools, devices, technologies and knowledge. Our monthly fee construction provides a flexible and cost-effective solution as your company can reduce costs of  IT security devices, licensing, deployment, training and continuous education of employees.

Our company has nearly 10 years of cyber security experience, but since 100% protection can not be guaranteed, our special liability insurance will also cover the remaining gap on the shield.


  1. Analysis: reviewing the existing security systems, checking the location and the processing method of sensitive data, and performing a comprehensive vulnerability assessment (black-box and grey-box tests)
  2. Hardening: after the deployment and configuration of the missing security systems, a general hardening is performed
  3. Implementing, configuring, and fine-tuning of the Security Information and Event Management System (SIEM) according to the organization's risk tolerance and specific use cases
  4. Monitoring the organization's information security 24/7/365 by our dedicated Event Management Team
  5. Scheduled vulnerability assessments are performed
  6. Providing yearly user and management level security awareness trainings which efficiency is validated by social engineering campaigns
  7. Continuous fixing and improving of the detection and prevention capabilities
  8. Suspicious behavior and long term investigations are performed by our dedicated DFIR team
  9. Monthly management reports on demand
  10. Compliance


  • Preventing cyber security incidents through continuous interactive threat analysis and vulnerability assessments
  • Detecting, tracking and analyzing potential intrusion attempts and intrusions - real-time
  • Immediate responses to incidents to minimize their impact
  • Development of a "Situational awareness" program
  • Customizable reports of incidents and abuses
  • Early warning system
  • Detailed analytics
  • Forensic
  • Malware analysis



Managed SOC service is recommended to those companies that are not willing to have their own Incident Response Team, and would like to outsource these tasks to IT security professionals in order to reduce the costs and ensure that valuable business information are in the best hands.


Black Cell Ltd. was founded in 2010 in Hungary. The team has proven to have the right skills, competencies, and knowledge base to successfully run a Cyber Security Operations Center. We have a strict service contract regulating our operations and also a $1 million liability insurance. We operate 24/7 and provide live monitoring and alarm system on each day of the year.



Our company integrates the SOC solution, complemented by client and server side tools, and network detection methods. We make suggestions for appropriate tactical and operational strategies and provide support for the creation and development of the Incident Response Plan (IRP).

Black Cell Ltd. is fully available to the clients in designing, implementing and testing of SOC systems. Our company has participated in the implementation and operation of several SOC during governmental, multinational and intercontinental events, and also have gained outstanding experience from the managed SOC services, which are operated by us and is provided to Hungarian and European Union member state companies.


We recommend our on-premise SOC service for those organizations, and large corporations, that already have their own incident management team or planning to set up one and manage it in-house.